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At Enaya, our purpose is to enable innovation and challenge the way how traditional business runs. Through new technologies, thought leadership and out-of-the-box thinking in our consultative engagements, we:

  • Empower companies to take action and run their business better 
  • Enhance past, present and future business visibility
  • Measure our success through increased customer satisfaction, client retention rates and value delivered


Consulting services

Analysis to implementation.

Others will have different expectations and are looking for more ways to make extra money from selling things online. To get a time frame that works on this basis, you first have to calculate the total time that it will take for you to trade. I’ve been doing it that way for over 6 months now, and i just want to make sure this time is different and i don’t make a huge ass mistake.

There have been hundreds of millions of bitcoins produced and held by more than two dozen addresses. This means that the value of bitcoin is based entirely on its supply. We can all be so excited about the possibilities of crypto and the opportunities that lie within its reach but the fact of the matter is most crypto exchanges are still in development and many are still in the very beginning stages.

Currency exchange and currency exchange rates for many currencies. If the loan is for two years, then the present value of the payments that you would have to pay is 6.5 times how is bitcoin exchange rate determined 12 divided by two. Bitcoin is a type of currency that can be sent directly to another party, without a third-party intermediary such as a bank.

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Usually included in project delivery, training can be required by companies to enhance skill of their employees.

We help on this by creating a training dedicated to your company, your business and your application to make it more relevant.

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Program Management

  • Program/Project Management
  • Provide project manager to lead and drive your implementation using different methodology.
  • Integrate change management: Any change has to be manage the right way. Communication is really important during any changes.

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